Custom Xbox Controller

Xbox Controller Dipping

At Dip This we apply our hydrographics to create custom xbox controller designs at a very affordable rate. Using our hydrographics facilities and any of our wide range of designs we will transform your bog standard pad into a work of art.

We will dip your xbox controller shell in any of our hydrographics patterns for just £14 and for bulk orders contact us for a price.

Pick from our huge variety of patterns and then a base coat to change the hue or overall colour of the pattern, send us your shell and we will do the rest. Our custom xbox controller designs don’t stop there though. We go all the way into the workings of your xbox controller and can change the colour of the LED lights to match your custom xbox controller design. Then if you want to take it to the next level we can add buttons to match your colour scheme or spent winchester shotgun shells for the thumbsticks. We have 9mm brass and silver shells for the A,B,X, and Y buttons. When we have finished with it your pad will not be recognisable, it will be amazing.

We also offer lower prices on bulk orders so if you already customise xbox controllers why not send us some shells or dip them yourself?

Here is a full description of the process we use when custom xbox controller painting. From carbon fibre to woodgrain, see here for a look at our patterns.

    Things you can dip

  • Xbox Controller
  • PS3 Controller
  • Wii Controller

    Things you can't dip

  • Electrical parts
  • Your Aunties Underwear

Ensure the xbox controller shells you send us are suitable for painting and submersing fully into water as we are not liable for any water damage incurred during the dipping process. Please send us your xbox controller shell and/or parts, clean fully dis-assembled. This will keep the time and cost down for your project. If xbox controllers arrive with us and require dismantling and/or cleaning prior to our first stage of preparation you will be informed of any additional costs.